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Tree trimming is the most common tree maintenance procedure. Trimming is often desirable or necessary to maintain safety, improve tree structure and health, satisfy customer goals, and make the trees aesthetically pleasing. Each cut should have a purpose and be made with careful consideration with regards to the tree species and its environment. Poor trimming cuts can cause irreversible damage to a tree. Our expert climbers are trained and operate in accordance with The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A300 Tree Care Standards.

Tree Trimming


We like to think of tree removal as a last resort option. There are a number of reasons to remove a tree, the most obvious reason being that the tree has died and is now both aesthetically unappealing and hazardous to its environment. Diseased trees or invasive species are also common reasons to remove a tree. In many cases, tree removal goes beyond homeowner capabilities and requires professionals. Our expert climbers specialize in all aspects of tree removal and are trained to work near power lines, over structures, and operate from cranes when necessary.

Tree Removal


As a full-service tree company, we offer tree installation. Trees are a long term investment and have a number of benefits such as shade, beauty, privacy, and fresh oxygen, a lot more then you would probably think too. The key to successful establishment of a tree is to transplant high-quality plants using proper planting procedures and planting the right tree species in the right environment. The best-known planting procedures will not save a tree that is poorly suited for it environment. Tempe Tree Service will tailor a plan specific to your landscape goals at your home or business.  


We specialize in stump removal. So often trees are removed and the stumps are left behind. We use a hydraulic stump cutter to remove the tree stump below grade deep enough to insure the tree wont grow back. 

Stump Removal
Tree Planting


Arizona monsoon seasons can be unforgiving when its comes to our trees and landscapes. High winds and heavy rain can topple trees and break large sections off from the trees canopy. Hardly do they fall in convenient areas. This can complicate the removal process. We are experienced in all aspects of tree removal including removal from rooftops and compromised structures. During this season, we prioritize emergency tree services.

Storm Damage


We offer commercial tree services and are qualified to manage commercial businesses, homeowners associations, condominium and apartment complexes and municipal contracts. Contact us to learn more about our commercial tree services.

Commercial Services
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